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Not your traditional ad agency. Foundry 43 is a boutique creative studio committed to helping  brands and businesses find their most compelling identity with authentic creative and design. No cookie cutter, templated, or one-size-fits-all design work here. Using a fresh set of eyes, we see every brand and every project as a blank canvas. Owner and Creative Director Ryan Wagner wields his background in fine art and design to develop designs through an artistic lens with the highest craftsmanship. Although we live in and embrace a digital world, Ryan believes that truly great design starts by hand, using tangible materials- pencil and paper, pen and ink, paint, or even modeling clay to begin to develop the style. Starting with a handcrafted aesthetic adds a deeper layer and helps find the authentic meaning to the every brand's story. The truth of the real. 

We believe finding that truth begins with authentic relationships. We’re People people. We’ve been known to throw some solid high fives and bear hugs. We want to get to know you, to talk face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) and spend time in your kitchens, shops and warehouses. We believe that in order to truly bring a brand to life, we must immerse ourselves in the brand and it's people. We need to empathize with your employees, maybe even work a shift, so that we can find what makes your brand so damn irresistible. We have worked with restauranteurs, start-ups, lifestyle brands and musicians to help grow their businesses and tell the stories they need to tell. NEED TO TELL because it’s so real and true. That's when the magic happens and man does it make us high five. If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for some creative to high five about. So let's grab a cup of coffee, a beer or a glass of wine and get to know each other. First round is on us. 


What does Foundry 43 mean?


"I officially launched my studio under the name Foundry 43 on April 3, (4/3) 2012. The number '43' was meant to be a symbol for following my true passions, an emblem for always pushing myself to grow as a creative and artist and human.


With a blue-collar work ethic in my blood, I was compelled to stay true to a long line of craftsmen that influenced my life. I envisioned my agency as a workshop where I could  consistently produce quality, handcrafted projects and designs . Calling it a "Foundry,” a kind of workshop that pours liquid metal into molds, made perfect sense for my vision. There is an honesty and authenticity in that alchemy of turning basic elements into something really purposeful. Plus, it sounded cool as hell. I loved the idea that each time we created something, we would break the mold to bring it out. Every piece unique and special.”



Ryan Wagner, Owner and Creative Director


Following his time as a Creative Director at an in-house agency, Ryan wanted to return to his roots of hands-on design. He re-launched Foundry 43 in April 2020 with the simple goal of help businesses tell their most authentic stories with beautiful, carefully crafted design. 



Cutting his teeth in the restaurant industry, Ryan brings 14 years professional experience including being a small business owner. He understands the hard work, grit and determination that it takes to make a business succeed. He also knows the importance of stakeholder buy-in and long-term viability after years in corporate America. Layering all of that on top of his proven creative and marketing savviness, fine-tuned art and design expertise, and a genuine passion for helping clients bring their ideas to life, Ryan and team will deliver top notch work that doesn’t just break through but stays ahead.


In addition to being the creative brain power behind Foundry 43, Ryan is also an accomplished artist and illustrator (though his toddler thinks his best work is in Lego building and the Crayon medium). To see his fine art portfolio, click here







Rebecca is the words to Ryan's pictures. She's a nonstop idea factory: a seasoned copywriter, veteran marketer, a social media spark plug, and an unabashed party starter. She's been in the marketing game for nearly two decades, working in higher ed, food & beverage, retail, and nonprofit. Combining heart, humor, and heavy emphasis on business goals, she’s always focused on the big picture without losing sight of the crucial details. Plus, she's one hell of a cook and makes sure we all have snacks.



We really appreciate your interest. If you want to work with us on your next project or if you just want to get to know us a little better, shoot us a line and we will follow up with you as soon as possible to discuss next steps. Cheers!

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