Foundry 43 has two sides: an art studio side and a design studio side. Basically, it's mashup of a boutique design agency and a fine art studio, working in both paint and pixels to create original artwork across many spectrums, for many different clients, all under one roof. Additionally, there is an online store where customers can purchase original artwork, art prints and swag.

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Ryan loves working with clients one-on-one to create original custom pieces that help tell their stories and bring their visions to life. After several years of working as a graphic designer and art director, Ryan wanted to utilize his fine art skills more, and had a vision to create an "art factory" that created all types of custom, original artwork, all under one roof. He wanted a shop where he could explore different mediums as well as serve the needs for many different types of customers, depending on what they were looking for- everything from logo development and branding to custom portraiture and paintings. In 2012 Foundry 43 was born. 


He's worked on projects with clients of many scopes and platforms, and with companies both large and small, and been fortunate to produce a fairly large body of work over the years. He has had both solo and group shows and exhibited  work in numerous galleries and public spaces.


When not making art, Ryan enjoys nature and being outside, exploring the urban landscape of Atlanta, live music and spending time with his wife, one year old son and two spoiled dogs. 

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What does Foundry 43 mean?

"I officially launched his studio under the handle of Foundry 43 on April 3 (4/3) 2012. "43" was meant to be a symbol for following my passion, and always pushing myself to grow as and artist as well as a person.

Coming from long line of makers, fixers, and builders, I was inspired by the craftsmen that influenced my life. I wanted to see my studio as art factory because I wanted to consistently produce artwork, and to not be afraid to get dirty in the process. Knowing that I would pour my blood, sweat and tears into it, "Foundry", being a kind of factory (particularly the kind that pours liquid metal into molds), it just made sense for my vision.

The 43 icon in the logo is composed of several different techniques and elements, including paint splatters, rolled paint, cross hatches, stenciling and duotone graphics, to symbolize the various elements and subjects that  I use in my artwork."


 "In a nutshell, I like to make things. I like expressing myself through my own artwork, but I also like helping people bring their visions and ideas to life, whether it's to help tell a story or to preserve a memory, or something custom designed to help promote a small business or event."





If you would like to discuss a potential project or commission, or if you are interested in learning more Ryan's work and what fuels his fire, there are several ways to connect.

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