Ryan Wagner is the face behind Foundry 43. He launched the foundry in 2012 after working as a graphic designer and brand manager for a large corporation for several years, in hopes of building a business around the creation of all different types of artwork. His vision is for Foundry 43 to be to a one-stop studio, marketplace and design firm that helps connect artists of all different mediums with recipients looking for all types of great, affordable artwork.  

Ryan is a native Tennessean and lived in Mississippi for several years, so southern culture is very evident in much of his work.


Why "43"?

43 is a symbol for the day it all started. Ryan officially launched Foundry 43 on April 3, (4/3) 2012, so 43 is used symbolically as a reminder for a "new chapter" of his artistic endeavors, as well as working towards making dreams into a reality.


(...It also just sounds really good when paired with "foundry".)


"Memphis" is the Foundry 43 mascot. She loves lying on drop clothes, wearing bandanas, playing frisbee and being awesome.