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lumber jacked

OUTDOOR  GYM   & lumber yard

Lumber Jacked is a prototype that is the brainchild of two dudes wanting to combine two things they wanted to do more of: chopping wood and getting in shape. The "gym" is an outdoor space equipped with timber, axes, saws and other equipment for lumberjack-inspired workouts. Designed to be a gym alternative for those who need fresh air, it also offers an opportunity to bond with nature and connect with their physical work in a primal and productive way. The used/chopped wood is used for fire wood or is mulched and sold, with all profits going to local charities.

Balancing an earnest mission with slightly tongue-in-cheek design, the brand exudes authenticity and a sense of place. And that place, is the great outdoors, dude. 


Work: Logo/Branding, Apparel Design

BRAND  identity


APPAREL design

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