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You Can't Come To Our Wedding

This is from my personal collection. I always wanted to create a pop-up style invitation, so my wife and I thought what better what to do that than to tell our friends and family that we eloped in New York! Elements throughout the design are all components from the day or icons from NYC:  the cove where they said their vows, the subway train they took to the ceremony in their wedding gear, and the cab they took to the Corner Bistro afterward for celebratory Jameson shots and burgers. Finer details, like the background patterns are from my wife's dress and the flowers used in the design are from her bouquet. There are plenty more Easter eggs in the design, but you’ll have to find them yourself. 


The written copy was a fun way to turn the traditional wedding invitation protocol on its head; it definitely got the attention of recipients. (There was a fair amount of pearl clutching before they read the inside.) True to our personalities and our love for a good laugh and an even better party, this package was totally on Wagner brand. 

Work: Concept, design, pop-up engineering

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