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Genuine art.

For your home, for your business.


Foundry 43 is a fine and commerical art studio, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Specializing in custom artwork, the Foundry provides one-of-a-kind pieces of work—from portraiture to marketing materials to interior décor—for folks that want authentic, original artwork. We work with you, one-on-one, to bring to life the ideas you’ve always wanted to share. We help small businesses build their brand. We capture the moments of a couple building their family. We create unique and personal art to build your collection and bring together your home. Stoked by fine art, precise design and a love for being unique, the fire of Foundry 43 is maintained by an everyday guy who just wants to make amazing art, every day. He melts down everything that’s accessible–the skills, the materials, the ideas, the beauty, the passion—pouring it into a mold that must be broken to bring out custom-made work that is yours, forever.

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